Rotary Engines for UAV Applications

Rotron RT600LCR-EXE 1000 Hours TBO Rotary Engine
Rotron Heavy Fuel Capabilities Demonstration
Rotron Logistical Services


Our logistical support network allows us to deliver engines worldwide - quickly, cost effectively and in operation ready condition.

Rotron Engine Integration Services


We work closely and in partnership with our clients to ensure that integration of our engines is as easy and seemless as possible.

Rotron Technical Support Services


We provide a full or partial technical support service on all our engine products, ensuring client piece of mind when out in the field.


Operational Capability

Rotron's rotary UAV engine technology offers increased range capabilities, efficient fuel burn, high endurance lifecycles and low maintenance, thus enabling significant improvement in operational performance.

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Humanitarian UAV Applications

UAV technology is finding a new use in the hands of research scientists and conservationists looking for a better way to assess and protect plants and animals in regions otherwise inaccessible by road and on foot.

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Research & Development

Rotron is dedicated to continually driving innovation in rotary UAV engine development through its investment in new technologies, skilled engineers and feedback capture from frontline operators.

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